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Best Buy Furniture Direct: How It was Created and Why

Posted by Gary B on

As you may already know we are a family owned company, it was back in 2005 when it all started when our family was moving from one city to another and we were in need of new furniture for our new house, we start looking for furniture in our local furniture stores from small to big chain stores and the overall picture was the same, high prices, pushy sales people who don’t give you privacy to just walk around the store and choose your own furniture. We eventually end up buying all our furniture from one of these local stores and spend all our savings. This is where it all begin, after doing some research among the furniture manufacturers I got my hands on the wholesale price list and was shocked to discover how much markup the local stores are adding and how much profit they’re making and because of this issue not many people could afford to refurnish their houses for many years. People were using their old furniture for many, many years, even with some repairs, it was wort to keep repairing and re upholstering the old furniture, rather then buying a new furniture.

How the Company's Idea Came Forth

I started looking for alternate ways to save big by purchasing the same furniture. Internet not being so popular in those years, I never have thought that furniture can be purchased online, but after searching the google I have noticed that there are already some online furniture stores and it was very few compare what we see today.

The other problem I have found with this online furniture retailers that none of them were located in Los Angeles, not even in California. So with the prices being lower in this online retailers but you still had to pay so much for shipping which turned out to be almost the same price as you could buy from local stores. I understood that the customers had to take some chances buying online not being able to see the furniture in person before the purchase and touch, the pay back had to be big something that was worth to take the chance. Having a little experience in website designs I then decided to change the way of traditional furniture shopping while customers not having to sacrifice anything but have a lot to gain.

The idea was then born and after sharing it with my family and getting all their support to start our own online BUT local furniture store we began our long journey, from building our very small online store, signing contracts with manufacturers which was really hard in the beginning, as a new opened furniture stores not all manufacturers were ready to start selling to someone new. One of our goals was to have absolutely everything that a local furniture stores can offer, because we have no limits unlike the furniture retailers who are limited to a space to showcase the furniture. We knew that to be able to succeed we had to have more than just few manufacturers in our list.

Why "Best Buy Furniture Direct" ?

The name Best Buy Furniture Direct was born the same day we decided to start the business; we need a name that can rep

Besides having lower prices about 50-70% less than in retail stores, we had to be different from other online furniture stores so that the local customers can choose a local company to work with and we started offering Free Inside Home delivery in Los Angeles and Orange County , while the paid shipping’s with other companies were on curbside.resent the idea of buying the furniture directly from the manufacturers. At the beginning by only having few manufacturers in our list, we were only able to offer a limited categories, living room furniture, few upholstery sets, some bedroom furniture and some mattresses. Asia Direct was our first manufacturer and who at the time didn’t have big selections.

We also created our return policy so that the local customers don’t have to sacrifice anything while saving big and shopping online, we were able to create this policy due to the fact that our deliveries are limited to Southern California only. We slowly started adding more brands to our line and by 2010 we had about 10 trusted manufacturers and were able to offer more categories such as modern living room, bedroom and dining room furniture, which were becoming more popular in 2010. We have seen many local furniture stores took this model of selling furniture starting 2009-10 and so many local online furniture stores have opened and closed.

Company Success with Customer Satisfaction As the Main Goal

By having passed this long journey and overcoming many obstacles on our way we had the experience and the knowledge and knew what the current market needs are, and that is why we were able to stay strong and grow. Because the customer satisfaction has always been our top priority, we are not happy until our customer is happy and we tread our customer as a family, because we were once in the same shoes and know exactly what the customer wants to see when it comes to helping them choose the  furniture, easy returns and overall comfort, this is why our success is based on customer referrals and it’s getting bigger and bigger each and every day.

We had few companies in our list that we knew many of our customers are looking to buy only from these brands, but these manufacturers were not open to just any stores and after 7 years in business and becoming the LA’s leader online discount furniture store we finally in 2012 were accepted by COASTER, one our top and trusted brands, then finally in 2016 we added the other most asked brand, ASHLEY home furnishings. During these years, after being able to achieve our goals and proof that the online furniture stores can be as big as many chain retailers, we had many manufacturers come to us now and interested seeing their line of furniture in our store.

Offering Furniture in Any Style and for Any Taste

But because we have furniture to offer in every style now,  traditionalmodernVictorianrustic and mid-century , we are now not going for the quantity of the brands we can offer but quality, our over 10 years’ experience is now helping us to carefully select the brands and line of furniture that we start working with. We now have our quality measures that the new furniture that entered in our online stores has to be within our quality standards. Now that we will soon celebrate our 11 years in online furniture business, I am proud to say my family had a chance to proudly furnish over 25.000+ houses in Southern California and Las Vegas Nevada.

Welcome to !

We are also proud to announce the launch of our new online store, winch was build by having our customers in mind for easy navigation, site that's designed with modern days technology and customer's needs and is also mobile friendly. Using our passed experience and most importantly our customers suggestions from all this years, we build a website that's designed for the shopper not for the look.

Enjoy Our new Online store and remember our courteous customer service reps are a call a way should you need any help choosing your furniture, placing your order or just a general question regarding anything about furniture.

CEO: Gary

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