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Our Services

In addition to providing discount furniture to our customers in Los Angeles and Orange county area we are also specialized and pride ourselves to offer the following additional services. Unlike many other traditional online furniture stores or chain furniture stores we do more than just sale furniture. Home interior is everyone’s passion here at best buys furniture direct.

We absolutely love what we do and our goal is to see you happy and loving your interior and we will do everything that we can to make sure your new interior will look something you always dreamed of and to stay within your budget.


What We Offer

Exclusive Decorative Painting / Made IN-ITALY

We are proud to partner with "Art-Colors" who are the professionals in interior paintings, using exclusive Eco-Friendly decorative paints imported from Italy.One of a kind luxury painting that is more like an art than just wall painting and hard to find in the market.  We currently work with many interior designers and architects who are absolutely in love with this amazing collection we have and the variety and color options are endless.

Do you want your interior to stand out from the rest and make your guests or buyers (if you are selling the house) to fall in love with your property at first glance? Then you should visit our showroom for our exclusive samples or request a Free In-Home consultation.


From rental properties to luxury mansions, every type of real estate property can benefit from Home Staging. When staged properly, it allows the buyer to see the property with all its highlights.

We all know how important is the first impression of your property. For a buyer or renter to fall in love with your house they need to be engaged with the entire interior of your house and furniture, and wall decoration is the best way to engage your customers. Our Experience shows that staged houses sell in the shortest possible time frame. 

Our staging program has the buyout option for you or your customer to buy the furniture at discounted price. You can see some staging package deals and prices or furniture rentals on this page.


Interior Designing Service / Discounts

Interior designer? Looking discounts for bulk orders? We have helped many interior designers last 10 years to save big and pass this saving into their customers. We also have the professional knowledge and resources to make your new interior look spectacular. Creating an image is our forte. We offer interior design services within your budget and are experts in creating beautiful interiors for both prestige properties and the budget-conscious.


Professional Assembly & Setup

As you may already know, the assembly is required for some of our furniture. Our professional assembly and set up service includes discarding the boxes, assembling and setting up the furniture in your desired spaces. It also includes removing all cardboard boxes and other packaging material. We ONLY hire a professional experienced delivery man who knows how to assemble your furniture with care.


Custom Drapes

Custom drapes can really make a big difference in your interior. We have a team of professionals that will design custom drapes that best suits your interior. 

Our in-home drapery experts have over 25 years experience. Please feel free to contact us for referrals and pictures of our previews works

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